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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 10:12

Good email subject lines will always secure conversions, email expert

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Many email marketers believe that subject lines are designed to increase open rates, but the best brands use their first lines of text to convert as well.

This is according to direct marketing expert Carolyn Nye, who used her most recent post at practicalcommerce.com to explain the art of subject line testing and why companies should look to conversions to determine the real success of their campaigns.

In advice detailing how brands can optimise their email marketing activity, Ms Nye said "when testing your subject lines, don't look simply at the open rates. Look, instead, at the end conversion rates."

She used an example headline of "Big Holiday Savings" to explain that certain pieces of text demand further inspection from the consumer, though being this vague and generic in tone might harm the mail-out's chances of converting.   

She said a better version of what this line is trying to convey would be "Order today for your free holiday gift". Being specific and informative, this weeds out recipients who aren't prepared to order from the company. So while less of the messages might get read, more could be converted.

Landing pages also play a huge role in securing conversions, with an informative response again urging people to place an order. Cited by emailschools.info, brands were advised by Ms Nye to test the difference between a general page versus a specific one, perhaps that of a product, in order to assess which is best for the campaign.  

To ensure a level playing field, Ms Nye said all elements must be the same in the email itself, with the only difference coming on the landing page. Metrics used to test the value of both approaches could include the number of pages views along with the all important conversion rates.