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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 09:35

Marketing should react on an emotional level

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Marketing content should be optimised to it speaks to consumers on an emotional level, one expert has claimed.

Writing for econsultancy.com, marketing blogger Ellie Edwards-Scott claimed that, whilst many people believe they are exercising conscious thought when it comes to shopping, the truth could be somewhat different.

Studies claim, Edwards-Scott said, that as many as 95 per cent of all purchasing decisions are made as a result of emotional impulses, which is true of both online and offline shopping.

In light of this, Edwards-Scott advised brands to ensure their campaigns, from social media to email marketing, engage with customers on an emotional level.

Where female customers are concerned, looking at browsing habits was identified as a good place to start. Women are said to spend more time browsing as they often do not have a specific target in mind. This also opens up more opportunities for the sale as there isn't one specific item in mind.

When shopping, women are also said to react to visual stimulus more than their male counterparts, so many high-resolution images could prompt a sale much more often than dry text. This is not just true of email messages but can also be applied to website content and landing pages.

For marketers, Edwards-Scott reinforced the long-held view that messages need to be concise in order to better guarantee results.

"The golden rule of advertising psychology is: information and emotions need to be transmitted in a way that is both clear and concise," inagist.com reports her as saying.