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Monday, 04 March 2013 09:31

Kmart called up on idiosyncratic email content

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Customers of an American retailer have reacted with confusion after a promotional email suggested some more obtuse items, silobreaker.com reports.

Kmart, which sells furniture, toys, clothes, tools and technology, has implemented an email marketing campaign for its 'Shop Your Way Reward' customers. Many of these messages, including the one in question, contain the subject line, "Your Weekly Top Ten Deals Have Arrived", with the email body detailing special deals and offers the subscribers may like.

The list sent on February 25th, however, looked more like an alternative version of the Generation Game than something in which most consumers would be interested.

The first item, for example, was a plus-size Roman Goddess Costume, coming in at $79.99 (£52.76). Elsewhere, alongside cookware, bedspreads, food processors and televisions was an Indiana Jones Costume Sword. Those who were after the full outfit, of course, would have to go wanting, as the $14.90 would only buy the peripheral.

Described thus: "Very similar to the one used in the film, plastic sword with metallic detailing; 20 1/2 inch long, 15 1/3 inch blade", the malapropism registered surprise amongst many shoppers.

Commenting on the somewhat idiosyncratic email, examiner.com said: "Kmart, an old school retailer, has worked very hard to bring itself into the new age of internet and social media.

"They provide services that most other stores do not do. For instance, they offer you the option of having your receipt emailed to you instead of or in addition to the traditional receipt. This email campaign, however, shows that some of the kinks may not be worked out yet! It brings to mind the phrase, 'what were they thinking?'"