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Monday, 25 February 2013 12:57

Batch and Blast no longer effective for ROI, expert claims

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Changing customer behaviours have sounded the death-knell for batch-and-blast marketers, one expert has claimed.

Writing for dmnews.com, email reporter Al Urbanski explained that customer behaviour "changes like the seasons", meaning that simply blasting missives out to anyone willing to receive them will not be as effective as it once was.

Instead, for businesses looking to maximise their return on investment (ROI), a more in-depth approach would be needed to better guarantee success.

One such area to monitor is the use of images, Urbanski said. Mobile users may be more inclined to switch images in their email messages off in order to load pages more quickly. For this reason, putting important pieces of information, such as pricing, in an image, could mean that key areas of the email don't end up being put in front of the entire audience.

Desktop users, on the other hand, may respond better to a brighter, more colourful and well-spaced email full of pictures. In most cases, this will be preferable to simple HTML, so knowing the audience is key to unlocking how best to contact them.

On the subject of mobile, Urbanski also advocated the testing of campaigns to ensure mobile users can click through the links. If, for example, mobile users cannot simply jump from their inboxes to personal accounts on e-retail sites as easily as desktop users can, then this should be reconsidered.

"Email, the blast 'em out and collect the money standby of direct marketers, just got a lot more complicated," emailschools.info reports Urbanski as saying. "Challenged by emerging technologies and plain old routine, email marketers have to step up their games to maximise ROI in a time when consumer behaviour changes like the seasons."