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Thursday, 21 February 2013 09:31

Outlook gains 1.5 million users following launch

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Microsoft has announced its Outlook email platform gained an additional 1.5 million users overnight following its official launch, e27.co reports.

Millions of users made the switch within the first week of its launch, changing their Hotmail accounts to new Outlook ones. As a result, it was expected that many of those migrating from Hotmail would have already done so, meaning the 'official' launch would be met with mass indifference.

Microsoft has claimed, however, that this was not the case after all, with some 1.5 million people migrating after it took the service out of Beta mode and gave it an official launch.

Whilst the switch is still mandatory, it is expected that Hotmail will be retired at some point this summer, making it compulsory for all those who haven't yet made the transition being forced to or risk losing their accounts.

Those wishing to use the new Outlook email service can do so in one of two ways. Users switching from other providers, such as Yahoo! or Gmail can simply create new accounts.

Those with existing Hotmail accounts, however, can switch their entire databases over, meaning that whilst they'll have a new address suffix, any messages or email marketing missives sent to their old addresses will still make it over. Existing emails in the inbox will also be transferred, meaning users won't end up losing their data.

Commenting on the figures, senior director of product management at Microsoft, Dharmesh Mehta, told techcrunch.com: "In the first twelve hours since Outlook.com left preview, we're excited to see that 1.5 million new active accounts had been created.

"This spike in adoption happened prior to sending emails to all Hotmail customers encouraging them to upgrade. It's great to see so many people like what they see and are making the choice to upgrade to Outlook.com."