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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 14:26

Personalisation key to sucessful email marketing campaign

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Personalisation is one of the key aspects of any email marketing campaign, one expert has suggested.

Writing for opposingviews.com, content marketing blogger Karen Johnson urged brands to be as personal as they possibly can, utilising all opportunities at their disposal to create a real, human interaction between the business and the consumer.

Such examples of this could be as simple as businesses sending a welcome email each time users sign up to their contact list. This, Johnson claimed, set the relationship off on the right foot and will also ensure future messages find their way into the inbox rather than the trash folder.

This welcome email can also provide businesses the chance to set out consumer preferences from the very beginning. Customers can be asked of their preferences or given their information to ensure it's correct, which can then be used for segmenting purposes and ensuring the most targeted messages are sent to each user.

Such techniques also provide a "double opt-in" opportunity, which is considered best practice for both users and brands. Whilst appearing to put barriers in front of potential sign-ups, getting users to opt in twice will ensure those who do provide their email addresses are the most likely to be quality leads. This also removes the risk of incorrect information being submitted, such as typos in the email address, which can scupper a campaign before it even begins.

"Be as personal as your email program and data-capturing capabilities allow," emailschools.info reports Johnson as saying. "You can do email surveys and use those results to send more personalised information, as well as glean valuable customer information.