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Monday, 11 February 2013 14:21

Email still has advatages over social media, say experts

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Social media marketing may be getting more popular but email still has advantages over it, according to an industry expert.

Dawn Altnam, a self-employed blogger who covers a range of tech and marketing issues, has claimed that email still remains the top communication method in the business world.

In her latest blog for business2community.com, she listed a number of reasons why an email marketing message is more likely to be read than promotional social media content.

"While nobody expects to take in all the content that's thrown at them on Facebook or Twitter, many people do make an effort to look through all their email messages. Therefore, your email has a much better chance of getting seen by most of the people you are trying to reach," she said.

She added that email marketing messages are more likely to be stored away for a later date and are generally accepted as a formal method of contact in B2B marketing.

Adding her view on the subject, fellow marketing blogger Leslie Van Zee pointed out that email marketing tends to combine better with display advertising.

In a blog for imediaconnection.com, she cited a recent study which indicated that a combination of these two platforms boosted advertising recall by 13 per cent.

"When you combine your email marketing strategies with your display advertising campaigns, not only can you reach more of your target audience quicker, you will have a more successful time interacting with your customers and increasing traffic to your main page," she concluded.