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Break the rules to expand email marketing list, expert says

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To expand the email marketing list, you have to break the rules, according to The content of the email itself could be perfect but if the distribution list is non-existent, the effort of creating it will be wasted.

According to, rules are meant to be broken and best practice is only what works best for a particular audience.

DJ Waldow, an email marketing consultant says using traditional pop-ups to collect email addresses isn't as effective as it used to be because they can easily be blocked on most computers. Popovers, however, are proving to be more successful because they are seen as less intrusive and can be customised.

Mr Waldow recommends using popovers and said: "Popovers work best if they're simple, direct and include a bit of humour. So don't clutter your popover with a lot of words. Keep the language light and fun, and give people a reason to opt in."

Giving customers the option to opt out of marketing emails could be more successful than asking them to opt in. Mr Waldow highlighted how one company did this and found that the majority of people didn't opt out.

However, if the company had done it the other way round, Mr Waldow believes many more people wouldn't have bothered to respond, therefore reducing the amount of email addresses on the list.

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