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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 11:51

Email marketing can be more than just a newsletter

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Business owners need to understand the broad potential of an email marketing campaign, rather than only seeing at as method of delivering a newsletter, it has been claimed.

Content marketing and blogging expert Kassia Gardner, contributing to business2community.com, suggested people link up their email marketing efforts to their blog, main web page, social media and any relevant promotions.

In her opinion, one of the fundamental things to remember is the a message need not be only a newsletter; it can be used to publicise a competition, carry out a survey, send a video or highlight a case study, among other things.

Ms Gardner remarked: 'I've found that small business owners think of email marketing as just sending out e-newsletters. But it is so much more than that. Especially when you consider that eMarketer (emarketer.com) recently published a report which concluded that email is still one of the most effective marketing activities you can do.'

Another side that advertisers can work on is their automated emails, which are sent out after a consumer has completed an action, such as subscribed to the newsletter, completed a transaction or booked an event.

If marketers want their campaign to be a success, then a major part of this could come down to the planning and preparation they do before getting started, claims imediaconnection.com blogger Jason Brewer.

Mr Brewer described how a good way to start planning is to think about who the marketing is aimed at, what the goals are, which challenges will get in the way of those objectives and how you hope your target audience will find you.