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Friday, 01 February 2013 14:50

Colour more effective than any other visual cue in emails, claims writer

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When it comes to customer conversion, colour is arguably the most important element in any email marketing message.

That's the claim from Amanda Gagnon, a contributor to business2community.com and email marketing expert,. She urged her fellow professionals not to ignore the impact that a winning set of shades can deliver.

Ms Gagnon cited research from analytics firm Kissmetrics - available in full at kissmetrics.com - which proved that companies can influence a significant rise in clicks on certain areas by switching up their colours schemes. In this case, the company changed a link from red to blue in a tactical move which spawned great success.

The writer also compiled some tips of her own through a list of colours and the mood they convey. Dark blu

e, for example, is seen as grave, intelligent and sated, while red is seen as exciting, dangerous and hungry.

White was viewed as clean and safe, which is possibly why the vast majority of messages use this as a background for their content.

Ms Gagnon went on to provide advice for specific businesses and the colours they could do with using in their own campaigns.

"A café may want to use red. It's reported to increase appetite. If their logo and signs are usually hunter green and navy, they could use a dark maroon to match. If their branding is bright, they should use crimson," she said. "Clothing retailers could use purple to suggest their clothes are uncommon or exclusive, light yellow to put the customer in a carefree 'buying mode' or black to sell business or formal wear."

Childcare centres were advised to use greens, pinks and browns to soothe anxious parents; while financial planning companies were told to go for white, blue, brown and grey to indicate intelligence/safety.