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Thursday, 31 January 2013 11:59

Agile approach could make email more targeted

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A new technique called 'agile email marketing' could be a new trend that takes the industry by storm, one expert has predicted.

Writing for clickz.com, marketing expert David Daniels explained that a more 'agile' approach could give businesses the edge when it comes to delivering rich, relevant material to every one of their subscribers, without the need for wide-reaching alterations to their current situation.

Agile email marketing describes an approach which uses real-time information to impact most - if not all - variables of a campaign. By considering such features as the location, time of day and device used of their contacts, marketers can tailor their message to be as relevant to them as possible.

Furthermore, when twinned with other metrics which have already been ascertained, such as historical subscriber data, messages can be as relevant as marketers are currently likely to get.

Whilst such techniques may seem technologically advanced, Daniels explained how the idea is "not new" and has, in fact, been around for a number of years. Furthermore, businesses may even have the chance to implement this approach without having to change their current email marketing setup, with capabilities able to be "cut and paste" onto existing solutions.

Explaining the technique, Daniels told startup-press.com: "Agile email marketing is different than the current waterfall process of email marketing campaign production.

"The current linear process of email marketing production assumes a certain level of rework, particularly as it relates to how testing is achieved in more email marketing applications. The agile approach is centred around the subscriber, including up-to-the-minute contextual information."