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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 00:00

YEC highlights email marketing hints and tricks

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Online marketers need to ensure they are doing everything they can to reach prospects and customers, but there are a number of points that could hinder rather than help a campaign.

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), writing for business2community.com, has compiled a list of potential pitfalls that marketers should be avoiding if they want their campaigns to be successful.

A lack of diversity in marketing channels, or "putting all your eggs in one basket", could be a killer. As a result, it's important for marketers to be competent in one platform, like SEO, and then move onto the next, such as email marketing.

The YEC explains, cited by theyec.org: "The right time to diversify is when you already have something working. Here's why: the hardest thing to do is get something in motion, but it takes significantly less resources to keep it in motion. Remember: focus first, then diversify."

However, a lack of focus is also a big hindrance for marketers. Throwing "spaghetti against the wall" in a bid to cover all markets is the wrong move to make, especially for a small business. SMBs tend not to have the resources to execute many campaigns to a good standard, so assess the options and pick a few, rather than all.

Another big mistake is not tracking the return-on-investment (ROI) stats. If you're losing money and not tracking, then a marketer cannot single out where the campaign is failing. As a result, it remains crucial that statistics are tracked in order to know where to reinvest for maximum growth.