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Monday, 28 January 2013 12:55

Colourful emails can help promote books, writers says

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Authors hoping to push their next book should make their email marketing messages "colourful, simple and easy to read", according to writer Sarah S. Kilborne.

Writing for huffingtonpost.com, she explained that email marketing is one of the best channels for book promotion. This is because it helps remind all these people that helped or contributed along the way that the book is finally on the shelves. They may then forward on the email to their own contacts, helping to potentially boost sales and audience reach.

Authors hoping to make the most of these emails should follow her advice though - not only in terms of the design and style, but with regards to the words used, too. It's important to keep these emails, especially if they're going out en masse.

"I worked with my own designer and together, we created an email that, to my surprise, people actually thanked me for," Kilborne said. "It... drove lots of traffic to my website, generated more interest in me for book-related events and inspired more people to purchase my book as a gift for the holidays."

What's more, writers should pop in some reviews of the book and some very short excerpts from it, as well as links to all the relevant social media pages. The advice stated (also cited by onenewspage.us) that links to any retailers selling the book won't hurt either, or a bio of the author - replete with photograph.

"Finally, I advise sending it through a professional email service... to prevent it from landing in spam folders," Kilborne concluded.