Tuesday, 08 January 2013 10:49

Keep emails brief, urges email marketing expert

Written by Ashleigh Curtis

Keeping emails relevant and brief could do wonders for both open rates and click-throughs, according to one email marketing expert.

Writing for business2community.com, Rosalind Henshell believes no recipients want to spend all day reading emails, so providers should keep their email updates short and to the point.

In addition, providers should also keep their messages aesthetically pleasing, even if images aren't used. Short and well spaced paragraphs can be easy on the eye, for example.

Providing value is also essential, says Henshell.

"Don't just send emails for the sake of it," she advises, cited by bigthinkingonline.com. "Make sure that if you are trying your best to get someone's attention that it is worth them giving you their time."

It's also important for email marketers to create an air of exclusivity about their messages, thus making the customer feel valued in the eyes of the business.

"If you want people to sign up to your emails then make them feel special. Offer them things that they can't get elsewhere to entice them into signing up, and then keep the offers coming to keep them interested," adds Henshell.

Furthermore, using a catchy title is 'usually the only thing you can guarantee someone will read' so it makes sense to forge a catchy, interesting subject line. Questions, facts, jokes or extracts from a blog could make for an interesting title - anything that provokes curiosity in the reader is good.

Finally, email marketers should always include a call to action, she claims. Make these call to actions easy to understand and easy to do: phone this number; click this link; complete this form, for example.