Friday, 04 January 2013 09:31

Tech writer recommends Gmail above other ESPs

Written by Paul Smithson

Consumers have been encouraged to use Gmail, rather than other email service providers (ESPs).

The recommendation was made by technology commentator and author Oliver Burkeman, who suggested on that the Google email service is better than any of the others on offer, which include Yahoo!, Virgin, Hotmail and Outlook.

Mr Burkeman made his point in a piece about managing an email inbox properly; his philosophy is based around dealing with messages straight away and getting to 'inbox zero' as regularly as possible, which could mean recipients respond or delete email marketing communications more quickly, but ultimately more ruthlessly.

'Get over yourself with all the folders and labels. Gmail has no folders, and its excellent search function means you'll find what you're looking for so long as it's been archived. (Yes, we all have plenty of issues with Google, but "searching for things" is one skill they've got nailed.) Everything else is a waste of time. You probably think your job means you're an exception here, but you're wrong,' he said.

One aspect of Gmail that the commentator disagrees with is the idea that you should keep all emails - Mr Burkeman explained that Gmail was designed so that people never have to delete anything, but this does not help users stay on top of things.

The sheer quantity of emails that are sent out in the modern age is causing problems for workers, as they attempt to file, respond and delete messages, according to new research reported by

Research organisation Varonis found that 40 per cent of respondents to a survey spend 30 minutes or more sorting their email inboxes - some opting to keep all the emails they receive, while others file or delete what they are sent.