Thursday, 03 January 2013 10:02

Expert highlights three common email marketing mistakes

Written by Ashleigh Curtis

A mix of fantastic and 'ineffective' email marketing campaigns have peppered the inbox of Carolyn Nye, an email expert writing for

As an email marketer herself, Nye tends to scrutinise the emails that drop into her inbox but seven messages in the space of one day proved to be far too much from one retailer.

"Seven emails, from anyone, is more than one person can possibly process," she moaned. "Moreover, each email featured multiple sales, discounts, and last-minute chances to purchase various brands or toys. Where is a consumer to begin?"

However, by understanding consumer purchasing behaviours, email marketers can weigh up the advantages of sending communications, weekly, daily or even twice a day.

Marketers should also ignore mobile devices at their peril. The number of people opening email on their smartphones and tablets has 'skyrocketed', with around 30 to 70 per cent of email opens potentially coming from these devices.

Nye states: "That number is just too large to ignore. We've all read articles and attended webinars about the increasing role of mobile in email." also notes how sending 'too many emails' could be a marketing faux-pas.

In addition, it's also worth noting that basic email analytics may not be definitive. Nye highlights the number of consumers that ring to place an order quoting an email-only offer code or consumers calling in not to use a promotion code but mentioning they received an email.

"Spend time with more advanced analysis. Look at all the sales since a specific campaign, and track which people had opened or clicked on the email. The true impact of a single campaign will likely emerge," she concluded.