Wednesday, 02 January 2013 12:42

Storytelling and re-purposed content to be big in 2013

Written by Deborah Bates

Lori Turner-Wilson, a marketing specialist, has cited visual storytelling and re-purposed content as the next big things in marketing.

Sharing her predictions for 2013, Turner-Wilson said these will both hit the big-time over the next 12 months - with the latter becoming good common sense.

Turner-Wilson advised: "When writing copy this year, consider the various places in which you can share it - website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your email newsletter. Write adaptable, modular copy that can be used across all platforms to avoid redundancy."

As for the storytelling, the expert believes that websites like Instagram and Pinterest will drive the visual aspect of this; with brands pressured to share message via the medium of imagery. If brands can link up these sites with their email marketing campaigns, all the better and if they can keep this visual content focused, they will have hit the winning combination.

"Set clear objectives in 2013 to realise the true power of content," Turner-Wilson advised, after admitting that some content strategies lacked focus in 2012.

The marketing specialist also predicted that positive messaging, social commerce and QR codes will take off in a big way in 2013; in addition to finding innovative uses for any data captured. Making this data "actionable" will be key, Turner-Wilson added, cited by

She concluded on by stating that brands that really want to get ahead will build an app around their product or messaging. "Now's the time do develop it," she said, given that over two-thirds of smartphone users are actively utilising apps.