Tuesday, 11 December 2012 11:36

Financial incentives great for attracting repeat custom online

Written by Joe Elvin

Internet shoppers are more likely to return to a website if there is a financial incentive to do so, a new poll has indicated.

A new survey conducted by SellerDeck has indicated that 'a good experience' is the factor most likely to attract repeat custom, but promotions, offers and loyalty schemes were the next best incentive.

Of course, it should be easy for an e-commerce website to provide both and, by grabbing a customer's email address before they buy any goods, online traders can encourage them to find out about new promotions via an email marketing campaign.

Phil Rothwell, who is sales and marketing director at SellerDeck, agreed that email marketing is a great platform to make customers aware about any new deals or offers.

In an interview with esellermedia.com, he said: "The email address that a first-time customer has provided in the run-up to Christmas is worth its weight in gold. A well-focused marketing campaign can work wonders, but don't spam your customers to death."

Rothwell advised email marketers to ensure that their communications were simple and relevant in order to have the best effect.

He explained: "A customer that has bought a kettle for example, offer them toasters, food processors, juicers or descaling kits. If they purchased razors, send them a discount voucher on future purchases of blades."

The research is timely, as early December is generally regarded as the point where e-commerce websites get their most new customers. According to freshbusinessthinking.com, financial incentives were a bigger factor than personal recommendations or positive reviews when it came to attracting repeat custom online.