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Make the most of Christmas Sales, advises retail expert

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Customers attempting to make the most of Christmas retail sales are vulnerable, ready for a marketer to swoop in and influence their purchases.

Writing for, Daniel Hunter believes brands herald the festive shopping season with sales of 'epic proportions', leaving customers flush with deals and cut-price bargains.

However, some consumers do have a specific mindset when looking for presents. Originality is key when consumer purchase a present as people want to know their loved ones have thought about what they would like to receive. Consequently, highlighting the originality of some products through a Facebook campaign or email marketing strategy could give marketers a few leads in the run-up to Christmas.

Monday December 3rd could prove to be a key day for many marketers as data analysts Experian predict UK shoppers will spend 15 million hours shopping online. Overall, 375 million hours will be dedicated to shopping in December, cites

Another tactic for marketers to use could be to lead with price. Many shoppers tend to look for stocking filler products that retail for under £10 so curating products that are priced in that category could generate leads.

"This way," claims Hunters, "[marketers] can engage and inspire shoppers, taking some of the virtual legwork out of the illusive present hunt."

Christmas is also a time for brands to make a favourable impression on shoppers. Customer service, speedy delivery, the right tone...everything should leave customers with that "warm fuzzy feeling", claims Hunter. This way, retailers can ensure customers will come back again and again - not just for Christmas.

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