Thursday, 27 September 2012 12:34

Advice given on segmenting and analysing

Written by David Howes

Advice on how to study and analyse success rates has been offered to brands using email marketing.

Writing for, marketing blogger Margaret Spencer explained that many marketers are "flying blind" when it comes to measuring their campaigns meaning they end up unsure of how successful their efforts have been.

In light of this, Spencer set about explaining what marketing metrics are, how businesses can measure them and what results they can expect from doing so.

The first issue, Spencer said, was that of businesses simply not knowing how to access metrics data. Analysing campaigns is key to making them as effective as they can be. Ignoring or being unable to access this information, however, can end up leaving a campaign in the dark and unable to work to its full potential.

Therefore, brands using email marketing need to ensure they find an analytics interface they are happy with in order to see clearly which aspects are doing well and which are not.

Once brands have this in place, Spencer urged them to consider their marketing strategy in order to press on ahead effectively.

"Email strategies are more effective when they're developed while taking into account the campaigns of competitors," reports Spencer as saying.

In order to do this, she urges businesses to use "competitive intelligence" in email marketing, whereby companies compare their success rate to those of their closest rivals in order to gain accurate and attainable benchmarking targets.

Combining this with a knowledge of the customer base should, Spencer concluded, make analysing and segmenting much easier and more widespread.