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Bulk Email Marketing: an effective way of cutting advertising costs?

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The current economic climate may affect businesses causing them to reduce expenses. One of the most popular methods of cutting costs is to tighten the marketing budget. Some business owners assume that cutting down on marketing expenses will only make the situation worse, leading to a significant decrease in marketing activities and to lower sales. Even a negligible drop in sales can sometimes cause businesses to make further cost savings. So what should a company do in this case? Adopt bulk email marketing strategies. A vast number of experts believe they are the perfect solution to the quickly aggravating problem. Here are a few reasons why:


Return on investment

The new solution to advertising and promoting goods and services may provide a sizeable return on investment (ROI). According to estimates, for every £1 spent on email marketing campaigns an average return of £20 could be made. A study has revealed that 72 per cent of companies have recently reported a ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ ROI. The figures prove that bulk email marketing has outperformed other channels of direct marketing so far, and since the number of businesses adopting the strategy keeps on growing, even greater rates of success can be achieved by those who get involved in it.

Advanced mechanisms of monitoring

Blindly investing in a marketing medium without an effective way of tracking results could hardly be the right way of managing assets in the modern business world. Instead, companies prefer to get engaged in sales campaigns that allow to track their effectiveness and make timely changes if things aren’t going the right way. Most bulk email marketing services provide access to a top-notch reporting system, so business owners may easily find out who opens their email, who clicks through to the target web site, what links are clicked on more often and so on. Being aware of the location where the email is received and opened may also help create a clear-cut picture of the world market and tailor one’s campaign on time for maximum results.

Compatibility with other media

Coupled with telesales, bulk email marketing might be a great medium for boosting brand awareness and sales. Once the campaign has been broadcast, companies may automatically track who has opened their newsletters and call recipients to find out whether they would like to get further information. It has been reported that if a telemarketing call is made after the subscriber has opened a message, general interest to the campaign might get increased by up to 70 per cent. In this case, email marketing serves as an effective pre-screening tool helping to filter down mailings lists and focus on clients who are really interested in products and services.

Using a novel method of generating sales and increasing revenues might be a good solution to the economic problems the modern business world is now facing. A bulk email marketing campaign could deliver good and even excellent ROI results, improve sales and promote brand awareness. High-tech mechanisms of monitoring are said to enable businesses to make timely adjustments when response rates are middling.