Holidays and e-tourism: the Brothermailer email marketing solution/answer

Today, 39% of all the holidays are booked on the Internet. Email marketing is the cheapest and simplest way to communication online.

Email marketing is a perfect complement to your web site for a good presence on the Internet. With one of the BrotherMailer packages that suit you the most, you can increase your online bookings and enhance your CRM strategy.

What are the advantages of email marketing for your e-tourism company or travel agency?

1/ Increase your sales

First of course, sales. With email communications it’s fast, cheap and effective to send promotional emails to your clients in order to reveal offers. Unlike direct mail where design, printing and distribution not only costs a lot of money but takes a lot of time, email marketing is incredibly quick, cheap and effective. You can even automate activity, perhaps as a result of cancelation or unexpected availability. No more empty flights or hotels. Attractive and last minute offers will ensure you make sales. Thanks to BrotherMailer email marketing platform, you can target a specific audience by creating different emailing lists. So you can point your email marketing campaign depending on the audience and generate more sales. E.g : a cruise for senior citizens, or a trip to NYC for young people…
You can also thanks to BrotherMailer relaunch your campaign in different designs and formats and make it more efficient by communicating the same message twice.

2/ Develop loyalty

In a very competitive sector such as tourism, you need to develop the loyalty with your customers by creating a relationship with them. With email marketing methods, you can build this relationship with your clients by sending them greetings or personalized birthday cards.
You can use email marketing for business to business relationship too, with your suppliers. Making people feel special by personalising communications and supplying a value such as insider information and exclusive offers all helps to build relations.

3/ Know your customers

Thanks to email marketing platforms such as Brothermailer, you can make more effective use of eCRM activity with your clients. For Example, if you know a client has booked Ski trips previously. Why not send them ski offers prior to the season commencing. If you know they travel to Malaga, then why not send them offers around this destination? In addition you cn cross sell to your email marketing lists. Don’t forget to check your reports and refine your activities on your Brothermailer account, you can check statistics such as, the open rate, the number of clicks, the link that was clicked, a geo location map of the openers…
Reporting is a very important part of an effective email marketing campaign. You can edit and improve very quickly your communications

4/ Collect email addresses

To collect email addresses and then obtain a database, here are some methods to use:

  • Add a “subscribe” banner, your website visitors can subscribe on you mailing list. The fact that they decide for it, they will be more receptive to your messages and will read your emails.
  • Collect the email address when your clients are booking a holiday. They will fill a form and should tick the option “I want to be informed about promotions and news”.
  • Organising a competition between your clients. If they know that they can win a flight for example, they will fill a form or subscribe to your mailing list. Also organising a competition will create a positive image for your company.