Holiday Email Marketing – How To Stay On Track

While the holiday season is in full swing, most online holiday retailers are all geared up for sending more promotional email. Although this may result in higher sales, there are dangers of sending too many messages and scaring away potential customers. All the more so, no one wants their messages to be considered spam and thus get their reputation tarnished. Sending lots of messages that are ignored by subscribers may also hurt your future delivery. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ramp up your frequency at all, on the contrary wise holiday email marketing can boost your sales without harming your reputation. Here are a number of things you can do for implementing relevant email marketing campaigns.
Social media marketing
Social networking has become very popular recently and a large per cent of the UK’s online population uses it to share and pass on information. You can also gain unprecedented market prevalence by embedding social networking site links in your holiday email marketing campaigns. You may also offer subscribers discounts in exchange for becoming your followers or highlight subscriber-generated content in your emails. 
Integration of mobiles and email 
The use of mobile devices to read email has skyrocketed over the past few years with lots of shoppers using their mobiles to do their holiday shopping. Just think about the immediate value you can have through in-store ads inviting your subscribers to join email lists or become Facebook and Twitter fans that can be acted upon with their mobile devices. You can also create various email reminders or coupons that can be redeemed when shown on a smartphone screen. Each advanced business is taking advantage of this holiday email marketing strategy and you don’t have to be an exception. 
Holding onto new subscribers
If you don’t want your subscribers to flee immediately after they’ve taken advantage of your great deals, you need to get them sticking around by demonstrating the ongoing benefits of your email programme. How can you do that? You can start by sending holiday greeting messages to show that your holiday email marketing strategy is more than a simple hard sell. You can also highlight other value-adds like insider knowledge about products or send emails packed with free product samples and invitations to join your special programmes. 
Customer segmentation
Identifying customer segments and sending targeted emails can help you drive more traffic and achieve higher response rates. You can segment your customers by looking at the previous metrics like open and purchase rates as well as click throughs. You can also make them choose the frequency of sent messages, the types of offers and so on. Tailoring your holiday marketing campaign in such a way means that your audience is going to receive different content, offers, images, copy and calls to action. This can make your email campaigns seriously targeted and response driven enabling you to decide which recipient gets content and which doesn’t. 
When planning your holiday email marketing campaigns, make sure you’re not missing out on anything. Remember all your best creative practices and take advantage of the multichannel know-how. And once you’ve attracted new subscribers, do your best to keep them around for as long as possible.