Five Tips On Launching Effective Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

Launching holiday email marketing campaigns is a popular way to stay in touch with your clients, suppliers and business partners. Besides, it is a handy tool to boost your returns on investment and increase sales by pulling new customers in. Below there are five tips from power marketers that can be incorporated into your holiday communication plan.  
Get started ASAP
While your clients are still basking in warm sun rays, seasoned email marketers get their holiday email marketing campaigns up and running. Get one step ahead of the completion and start as soon as possible in order to have a chance to sell to early shoppers and increase awareness of clients who are going to buy from you later.
Be consistent and send your messages throughout the season 
Bombarding your clients with numerous catalogues is not the best strategy as all your messages may be sent to Spam very quickly. Try to communicate with people on your list frequently but not too often, so you can be safe in knowledge that your messages are not making your clients bored. Send several versions of catalogues highlighting different products and offering special prices for your loyal customers. It is recommended to be sensitive to the expectations of your clients and offer a variety of products to meet the tastes of the most demanding buyers.  
Plan ahead
Make sure to plan your holiday email marketing campaign in advance, so you have time to concentrate on other issues during the busiest time of the year. The holiday season is a busy time for any marketer, so don’t procrastinate and do your homework on time. Think about the products and services you are going to offer, design messages and catalogues, schedule your campaigns to put your promotions on auto-pilot when you need it. 
Optimise the potential of social networks 
Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a big trend, so why not capitalise on it for promoting your products and services? When creating your holiday email marketing campaign, reflect on your subscribers’ nuanced use of social networks by offering them special deals if they follow your group in Twitter. This strategy is an easy tool to advertise your offers as friends of your clients may also pay attention to your products and become your dedicated customers. 
Integrate mobile and email  
Mobile devices are big today and you should keep that in mind when launching email marketing campaigns. According to a recent survey, use of mobile devices to read emails has skyrocketed for business-to-business and business-to-customer audiences who use smartphones for online shopping. When designing effective holiday email marketing campaigns, try to find creative tactics to integrate your communication channels and get new customers on the hook. It may be a good idea to host online shopping lists with coupons that can be redeemed when shown in-store on the screen of any mobile device.
Email marketing is an effective tool that delivers both quick results and long term gains for numerous companies, big and small. Take advantage of holiday email marketing campaigns and implement the tips listed above to keep in touch with existing clients and turn potential customers into buying ones.