Testing your campaign

BrotherMailer advanced spam checker

As part of the BrotherMailer Inbox Preview proofing service, you will get an advanced spam checker which provides a detailed breakdown detailing exactly how your content and code scored against all key spam filters in use:

Subject line testing

High performing subject lines are critical for your open rates. The only way to find out which subject lines will maximise your open rates, is to test them!

Split Line testing is an essential tactic that will force better open rates and therefore ROI. Send just a small percent of your emails out using unlimited Subject lines and then BrotherMailer will automatically send out the rest to the Subject line with the most opens.

Free test campaigns with BrotherMailer

  • Free unlimited test sends to up to 20 email addresses.
  • Preview and personalise your content.

You can be sure your emails look right, before you actually send them.

BrotherMailer inbox proofing tool

As many as 19% of email recipients will delete an email unread, if it hasn't rendered properly in their inbox.

Prevent waste by using the 'Inbox Preview' email proofing tool to check how your emails look when they're delivered, in just one-click.