Creating your campaign

BrotherMailer has various tools to help you create beautiful and functional emails campaigns.

Easily edit your emails

Adding content to your emails in BrotherMailer couldn't be easier!

Using a similar environment to, say, Microsoft Word, you can:

    • Insert and populate tables
    • Choose and change typefaces
    • Write copy
    • Upload graphics or pictures
    • Select and apply colours

BrotherMailer email personalisation

Personalising your emails will help you achieve two goals – higher ROI and higher response rates.

BrotherMailer makes personalising your email content super easy. It is quite literally a one-click operation in order to add personalised fields.

BrotherMailer dynamic content builder

BrotherMailer  can 'Dynamise' your emails

Personalise your emails by database field, in order to get great response rates.

You can tailor your campaign so different segments of your audience receive different content, offers, images, copy or calls to action.

Just imagine how seriously targeted and response driven your email campaigns would become.

BrotherMailer triggered emails

Generate leads and conversions automatically, when you set up powerful triggered email campaigns.

Triggered emails are the secret weapon which can transform your lead and conversion generation into an automated production line!

Create unlimited triggered email campaigns, in BrotherMailer, based on any data segments and variables you choose from your database.

Build your own microsite

Build microsites and landing pages easily using BrotherMailer’s Site Builder tool

Our Site Builder tool really is one of the power features that never fails to impress. As a BrotherMailer Enterprise user, you can use the this incredible tool to quickly and easily create totally professional looking:

  • Competitions
  • Webpage templates for surveys & competitions
  • Microsites
  • Campaign landing pages
  • 'Thank you' pages