BrotherMailer analysis

Get the story behind your results with BrotherMailer's clear and detailed reporting. BrotherMailer enables you to identify your best customers and prospects so you can sell them more.

BrotherMailer gives you a powerful analysis tool kit, so you can drill down into your reporting data and profile your best customers, whatever your level of experience. Use BrotherMailer to analyse your customers and prospects by:


The dynamic content they are shown

Any group of variables that exist in your database

The address books they are in

The segmentation queries they are in



Using this tool, you could:

Build a segmentation query to define the profile of your highest spending clients, then generate a report on all those who match that profile and clicked through from your last email. You could then follow them up with a lucrative 'upsell' call.

When you need to compare the performance of multiple campaigns, side by side:

You can, with BrotherMailer, so you get an even clearer understanding of which campaigns are performing best for you.

Compare the response rates generated by different blocks of dynamic content within your email campaign, then use your findings to create super-performing dynamic content.


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