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For many people it is not clear what the distinction is between email marketing software and solutions provided by companied like BrotherMailer that empower users to achieve greater results from their online email marketing and email software which enable people to compose, send and receive emails.

Our email marketing systems and support enable you to  maximise your email marketing efforts with real time reporting, optimal deliverability, enhanced contact management and bespoke email marketing templates to utilise to name but a few of our key value add services.

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Email software on the other hand is the software that you can purchase or download for free in order to create standard emails, send, receive and organise your emails. In most instances email software can be seen as the desktop applications and webmail interfaces that most companies use including; Outlook provided by Microsoft, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, AOL mail and Google’s Gmail.

With webmail and desktop applications for emails you will often have access to basic functionality including the ability to manage your emails, ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editing interfaces so that you can compose emails, a degree of spam management for filtering out spam messages you receive and numerous search facilities for finding, filing and storing email communication.

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