Travel Email Marketing – Reaching Out To Your Audience

Email is a much cheaper way to reach your audience than producing printed, radio or television media. It’s also measurable and can provide you with real time metrics so you can react fast. A well-planned travel email marketing campaign can get your message to the audience, promoting your products and services, and thus raise awareness about your company and offers. You can also add value to your campaign by using SMS messaging and social media communications to reach you customers on the go. Email marketing can become your key revenue driver provided you have a strategic plan to make it work. Here are a few things you can do to get ready for the holiday season. 
1. Get to know your customer
You need to create your travel email marketing campaign based on the information you know about your customers. Determining your readership is simple: once you know how many subscribers are reading your emails, it becomes easier to prioritise. But you need to look from a behavioural perspective too: what travel means for your customers, when they open your emails or click, what messages drive up unsubscribe rates, etc. All this metrics including that from the past holiday seasons can help identify points for optimising your campaign. 
2. Share your emails on social media sites
While email allows you to deepen your connection with customers, social media allows you to broaden your reach to new audiences. It’s an important part of a successful travel email marketing campaign because you can engage with your audience wherever they are. By including a strong call to action in your social media newsletter, you promote a more active dialogue between your company and your subscribers. So the idea with social media isn’t simply pushing information out to your followers but engaging with them, that’s why sharing your emails on social media is a perfect way to connect with your customers and build stronger relationships with them.
3. Make your offers mobile
The use of smartphones and mobile devices has seen rapid growth recently with a large per cent of users accessing the Internet or email on their devices on a daily basis. That’s why it’s no surprise that mobile email comes up as an important part of your travel email marketing strategy. If you opt for mobilising your email programme, it can become a fundamental shift in your overall marketing campaign. Yet everything matters in your mobile email strategy from how your email is triggered to how people are called to action. Your email absolutely needs to be optimised for mobile viewing and designed for cross-platform rendering as most people may read your email on both their smartphones and computers. 
Sending well-crafted emails as part of your travel email marketing campaign can help you get your message to subscribers. Then posting it on social media pages gets your content beyond your own network and into the feed of your followers. Effective email marketing is all about generating online word of mouth, creating the opportunities for your company’s success. This helps you not only reach out to your audience but also engage with them.