How To Get The Most Out Of Your Travel Email Marketing Campaign

The tourism industry is going through turbulent times, so every dollar spent on your marketing campaign now should hit its mark. In comparison to different types of offline advertising permission based travel email marketing is a ROI boosting technique that allows you to drive your business forward. Below there are several tips from leading travel marketers that may help you get the most out of your campaign.
Plan you budget
Due to the fact that your web-based traffic is not equal throughout different months, it is essential to analyse your peak times and adjust your spending strategy accordingly. A lot of companies split their marketing budget into twelve equal pieces and spend the same money every month. According to a recent study, such a strategy doesn’t work well as every travel agency has peak times during which extra cash is needed. Some tourists plan their holidays well in advance while others take advantage of last minute bookings. Before launching your travel email marketing campaign, carefully analyse buying patterns and market trends to adjust your budget. 
Listen to your customers
Tastes differ, so it’s beneficial to conduct a short survey first to learn more about the preferences of your subscribers. Make sure you offer a lot of options to satisfy tastes of the most demanding clients. When creating your travel email marketing message, why not include a short survey to learn more about preferences and top destinations of your customers. Great winter holidays for one client may sound like a real disaster for another one who enjoys lying in the sun. In addition, try to find out whether they travel for leisure, business or both and keep that in mind when sending out new brochures and promotions. 
Offer incentives
Offering an incentive can help you get new customers on the hook and retain existing clients. When sending out your promotional message, don’t forget to include an incentive like a free room or a chance to win a trip for two. In such a way you can greatly increase the number of subscribers who sign up and opt-in for future news. Don’t forget to announce winners and provide information about new special offers in your travel email marketing message to turn more clicks into conversions.
Be consistent
Consistency is the key to effective communication with your clients, so send out emails on a regular basis. Don’t bombard your clients with hundreds of messages at the beginning of the month and forget about them at the end. It is recommended to contact your subscribers frequently but don’t go over the top with numerous messages. Try sending out several versions of catalogues highlighting different tours and offering special prices for dedicated customers. When designing your travel email marketing message, make sure to include several time-sensitive offers to draw more clients in. 
To cut a long story short, email marketing is an efficient tool to boost your sales, attract new clients and establish long-term relations with your current buyers. When it comes to launching a high-performing, high-impact campaign, use the tips listed above to get the most out of your promotional activity.