Make Your Restaurant Email Marketing Campaign Work

The major objective of restaurant marketing is to raise interest in your products and services and bring in new business at minimum expense. Online industry has made it possible to communicate your news to the target audience and extend your reach cost-effectively. Email is one of the most effective means of talking to your customers in person and the third most preferred tools of advertising after TV commercials and the press. When used professionally, restaurant email marketing can be an increasingly powerful and efficient marketing technique. If your campaign doesn’t deliver the desired results, below are some of the best practices suggested by established online marketers.

Write attention-grabbing subject lines 
People receive lots of junk mail every day; that is why they have become fussy about which email to open. Most of them pay special attention to the subject line to decide whether to skip that email or read it. If you want your newsletters to be opened and, most importantly, read by as many recipients as possible, your subject lines need to sound professional. Expertise is the right word when it comes to restaurant email marketing. One part of the subject line should remain consistent in all messages you send out, while the other may vary. This enables the subscriber to differentiate your email from any junk stuff they get and give them a hint about what you’re going to tell them. 
Make your format work 
The right format can work wonders. Businesses using restaurant email marketing tools tend to send email as plain text yet the HTML format can deliver far better results. The main advantage is that it enables you to control the way email is displayed including the font, size and colour of the text. You can insert images and provide clickable hyperlinks to certain websites. According to estimates, up to 5 per cent of users are either unable to open HTML email or have opted out. To make sure every subscriber is able to open and read your message, send both formats within the same email. 
Tailor your campaign 
Timing is fundamental to success of your restaurant email marketing campaign, as different people have different habits of handling their email. Research shows that Monday mornings are usually reserved for meetings and catching up on all those tasks left undone from the previous week. This is why it’s commonly ineffective to send newsletters on Friday afternoons; they’re likely to be ignored and be the last thing the recipient will check on Monday morning. You can also time your campaign for the foreign customer to make up for the time difference. 
Restaurant email marketing is growing increasingly popular with new and established businesses. Being a cost-effective means of cementing customer loyalty, it’s also a powerful tool for building brand awareness and bringing in more business. All you need to do is send out good quality email to your contacts as frequently as agreed and wait for orders to flow in. Thanks to IT advances, building a long list of engaged clients has now become far easier, faster and cheaper.