Email marketing - Pubs Bars and Restaurants are way ahead of the game

Here at BrotherMailer, we are guilty of signing up to every piece of professional email marketing going. Geeks? perhaps, but one of the things we have noticed of late (possibly a reflection on one of our favourite recreational interests) is that

just about anywhere you look, you would be hard pushed to find a large chain pub or restaurant that is not yet using email marketing

to build and maintain an edge over the competition (thankfully a few of them use BrotherMailer too). The reasons are clear, we have said them before but will say them again.

For BrotherMailer clients in the pub, bar and restaurant industry, the main benefits of email marketing are:

•    Very easy to use


No need to speed weeks and months trying to get to grips with yet another new technology. You can even get froth of house do it. Don't believe me? Then why not try it for free this month? Our free 30 day no strings attached demo is easy to sign up to. One of the team will give you a 5 minute demo over the phone if you like...

•    Fully supported

BrotherMailer clients all benefit from direct support from a dedicated account manager – we not only support the platform but are always here to advise on best practice and any concerns you may have such as about data protection and collection.

•    Incredibly cheap

You have no print or postage costs, plus our free templates enable you to put something together yourself (with our help if needs be).

•    Measurable

You can see who opens your emails and who does not. You can check that your campaign has delivered and where abouts people are when they open the email. You can even see how many people are interested in your subject line offer - just use the split line test and you can see by the open rates what interests your customers most. What better way to get to know exactly what your local, loyal customers really want?

•    Email is often a preferred method of communication for many people

Your customers can open emails any where; on the phone, in the office or at home. Emails can be stored easily for reference at a later date, your customers can even share them easily by forwarding or posting to a social that is one way to give your customers a friendly nudge toward recommending your Pub, Bar or Restaurant to their friends and colleagues!

•    Email marketing is environmentally friendly

No trees need to die, no cars/delivery trucks need to pump out CO2 and no postmen need be harmed by dogs in the creation and delivery of your e-shot campaign.