Email marketing for Bars Pubs and Restaurants - 7 top email marketing tips

If you are running a bar, pub or restaurant you will be aware that winning new clients and keeping them is becoming more and more competitive. Many venues are now taking increasingly sophisticated measures to raise awareness and attract the crowds. Consumers are spoilt for choice with offers, special deals and promotions which (in particular, from some of the larger chains and group buying daily deal organisations) offer incredible value.

If you are looking to make the most of email marketing in a pub, bar or restaurant, here are seven top tips to help you make best use of the resources available to you:

1.  Get your customers' details

Put a business card collection box in an obvious position (see picture), ask permission for email addresses on bookings, always keep an email address sheet behind the bar and encourage staff to add customers to the list.

Business card drop box

- Ask customers to vote online for their favourite pie/staff member/wine  - BrotherMailer users can use the branded survey builder and microsite builder tools to quickly and easily set up a web page and survey form for this task.

2.  Reward your loyal customers

Make your customers feel special with offers and promotions to pull them in and try to make them feel there is a tangible benefit to receiving your emails – the response will be much better and they will look forward to opening your communications

3.  Check your calendar

Think about promotions and plans for upcoming public holidays or national events. What communications would your members like to hear about? Christmas and Valentines day, for example, are competitive so get emails out early with proper planning.

4.  Have a mixture of communications

Email marketing has tremendous reach and viral potential. You are missing a trick if you just try to sell all the time. BrotherMailer users can take advantage of social networking sharing so why not use your campaigns strategically and put something out there that you know will get passed on, such as a link to a funny video or a photo album, or even a story or cartoon. Remember to keep it relevant, make sure it is tagged with your business name and has some kind of awareness raising benefit - what better way to raise awareness with new customers and enhance your brand image?

5.  A picture speaks a thousand words

It is very tempting to use images in an email BUT it is vital to remember that too many images may cause delivery and rendering problems. Many recipients settings automatically block images, even from preferred senders. BrotherMailer users benefit from the Spam Checker facility, especially important when trying to use pictures in email as it will tell you if your campaign is too image heavy. Once you have the right balance of images and content, make sure your images also have text beneath them so there is no wasted space.This is especially important if you want to use images as links - remember to put text links in as your images will not display for all recipients.

6.  Be consistent

Most companies have a logo and letter head. Try and be consistent with the format of your communications so that people recognise your emails and open them happily. This rule should also be applied to your email from addresses and subject lines, as these are often the first thing your subscriber will read.

7. Be considerate

Use email marketing to make regular contact with your customers  - but don't overdo it! You will lessen your appeal if you email too regularly. Emailing every day is annoying. Try and fix a relevant schedule and make sure your emails are eagerly anticipated.

Bars, pubs and restaurants that proactively manage collection of customers' email addresses and send email marketing campaigns containing good offers about the upcoming activities, menus, offers etc. WILL and DO get bums on seats quickly.

We have many clients who see email marketing as an essential part of their customer relationship management and could not do without it. Don’t delay, start collecting email addresses today and see for yourself how well people respond to a simple and convenient message about a place they enjoy frequenting.

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