Hotel Email Marketing: Time To Talk To Your Guests

Email has been used by hotels, resorts, car rentals, airlines, travel agencies and shops to generate sales, build brand loyalty and promote repeat business. It has a great psychological value comparing to other means of advertisement, so by addressing your target audience at the most suitable time, you can draw their attention and even encourage them to take action. An increasing number of hotels are incorporating hotel email marketing strategies to deepen business-to-consumer relationships with existing clients and extend their reach cost-effectively. So why is email so efficient? 
It keeps your guests informed
Email enables you to communicate news to your target audience with just a few taps of the keyboard. You can inform your existing and prospective customers about special offers and promotions, new-build facilities and re-decorated accommodation. If there are novelty luxury spa packages to be launched soon, your body-conscious guests that enjoyed your spa centre last time will probably find this information interesting and valuable. Thanks to hotel email marketing, news can be now communicated to the right people at the right time.
It helps improve service quality  
Email is an effective means of getting customer feedback and improving your services to live up to their expectations. The more positive their experience at your hotel will be, the higher are the chances they will return. Why not find out what they expect from your services before they check in? Send them an online questionnaire and analyse their answers to tailor your services to their needs and preferences. You can also ask them about their experience at your hotel after they leave; email is a convenient and cost-effective way to do so. According to experts, hotel email marketing tools can help you reduce the potential for errors, the risk of falling short of expectations and increase service quality.
It is a time-saver
News you want to communicate can reach as many target customers as you need. Since email is an automated sales force, you don’t have to send newsletters one by one to your contacts but forward them to all your target customers at a time. It will take you just a few seconds to inform your guests about offers, promotions and everything else you have to tell them. Once you have adopted a hotel email marketing strategy, you can sit back and watch money roll in.
Staying competitive on the swiftly changing market is pretty challenging, as you need to consistently keep up with current trends and make timely changes in your promotional campaign. These days a lot of hotel owners decide on hotel email marketing solutions to generate instant bookings and reservations, build customer loyalty and brand awareness at minimum expense. Keeping in touch with your guests via email helps establish a business-to-consumer relationship even before you meet them in person. It’s also a powerful means of informing your clients about special offers and promotions and building trust in your brand simply by sending them good quality relevant newsletters as frequent as agreed. They say email is the driving force behind your promotional campaign.