Email Marketing Works Wonders For Your Business

Trackable, measurable, versatile and targeted - online marketing is recognised as a ROI-boosting solution which allows your message to reach your audience, anywhere in the world.

Today, businesses invest pots of money into various promotional techniques such as TV commercials, press releases, newspaper and billboard advertisements.  It is highly likely that your company has experience of investing in promotional activity of some variety;  campaigns for new client acquisition, retention of existing clients, awareness raising, relationship or brand building - all served by various different marketing channels.

Regardless of your  campaign objectives, it is generally given that you will be looking for a solution that will deliver the best ROI possible. That means fast, effective, measurable results.

Google's UK chief, Matt Britten was quoted in Marketing Week ( Jan 2011) as saying;

'…businesses that use the internet to do business grow four times faster and create double the amount of revenue than those who do not.'

So, if you want to have your customer on the hook, it may be worth while getting up to date with one of the latest online promotional tools - Email marketing:

Email marketing is a relatively new yet high-performing promotional technique. It is attracting more and more fans thanks to delivering both quick wins and long-term gains. With  the popularity of blackberrys, iphones and other smartphones giving email marketers the power to literally reach people in their pockets, email marketing has increased in relevance as technology has evolved.

This method has many advantages, not least, the ability to precision target the timing of your message for maximum impact; A London based events company I once worked for used a technique which involved scheduling an incentive based email campaign to arrive on delegates blackberries during the coffee break of a high profile conference. This 'strike while the iron is hot' technique was used to incentivise delegates to book for the next conference. It worked because it offered delegates a way to build upon their business networking opportunities, at the precise moment they were thinking about whom they needed to be speaking to, while they were networking and forming relationships.

In terms of efficiency and potential business revenues, professionally designed e-newsletters and direct e-mails often outperform hard copy advertising and have greater reach within most target markets. An effective promotional campaign can measurably push your sales up, and tell you exactly where your investment was best spent.  

Choosing the right email platform can get you more for your money:

    •    Economies of scale

You don’t have to throw your money around to make email marketing deliver ROI, Email marketing may be quite a budget-friendly solution for your business. Modern services offer different packages at attractive prices. Still, you should keep in mind that the more you order, the less you pay.  

    •    Free trial offers

It is worth looking out for marketing companies that offer a free trial option to their clients. Some even offer free consultation services, to help you identify the best ways of using email marketing for your business; do you want to draw in new customers or learn more about the wants and needs of exiting ones?

    •    Free professional consultation

Promotional campaigns can increase the frequency of repeat purchases. Good email marketing can help you build a healthy relationship with your customers. Some modern marketing email platform providers offer a consultancy service or include design features which help you create specially customised, individually targeted newsletters, based on your prospect profiling and segmentation.

 It is necessary to add that experts usually implement strict database controls to ensures you always communicate with the right people. This protects your reputation, keeps your customers happy and prevents unfortunate emailing mistakes causing your 'from' address  turning up on an ISP blacklist.

    •    Fewer man-hours

 The right online marketing services can save you hours of design and reporting time, if you pick wisely. Power marketers, which offer a wide selection of time saving design templates and simple to use editing tools, can save you time and money when you need to create and send professional, personalised, targeted email campaigns.

    •    Look great in the boardroom

The right platform can also help you create and deliver professional, detailed reports to gain an in-depth understanding of your recipients's behaviours.

Get an insight into your clients wants, interests and behaviours:

It goes without saying that customer feedback is an invaluable tool for modern business. If you need to get objective and honest feedback, email marketing may come handy as it provides your clients with an opportunity to express their opinions, preferences and needs. Understanding  the needs of your customers and knowing which products are in demand is invaluable information for your company. Some people are shy to give their feedback in face-to-face conversations but they easily voice their true feelings online. The beauty of email marketing is that it enables non confrontational two way communication as well as the ability to learn about your clients preferences through analysis of their online behaviour. Good email marketing packages include analysis tools which show you what parts of your email your clients clicked on, which subject lines they were more interested in and what geographical region was most responsive to your campaign. Good quality feedback allows you to develop new services or products and improve existing ones.

So, if you want grow your business and generate more revenue than the competition, reach more people and keep your customers loyal, make sure you chose the right email marketing package and provider for you.

Written by Yasmin Sheikh at Brothermailer
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