BrotherMailer triggered emails

Generate leads and conversions automatically, when you set up powerful triggered email campaigns.

Triggered emails are the secret weapon which can transform your lead and conversion generation into an automated production line!

Create unlimited triggered email campaigns, in BrotherMailer, based on any data segments and variables you choose from your database.

This BrotherMailer tool is incredibly user friendly:

Simply set the conditions and when the conditions are met, your email is automatically sent, saving you resource and generating response.

Use BrotherMailer to create any variation on 4 types of automated emails:

1. Series trigger campaigns

BrotherMailer will automatically schedule and send any series of targeted multiple communications you want to put in place, including renewal programmes, prospect warming and free trial conversions.

2. Behavioural triggers

 Maximise the power of your campaign! Create settings which fire bulk emails automatically to targeted individuals, based on who has opened a particular email campaign or clicked on a particular link.

3. Custom event trigger

Hundreds of 'custom event' triggers are available to drive your automated campaigns when you use BrotherMailer, including customers’ buying patterns and expressed preferences, to birthdays, seasons and holiday dates.

4. Auto-response emails

Ensure your customers contact you through the best channel by setting up auto-responses to recipients who reply to an email directly.

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