Email marketing for the charity sector from BrotherMailer

Brothermailer staff and systems are well versed and set up to support email marketing in the charity sector.

Many charitable organisations large and small such as the YMCA use BrotherMailer and we have worked closely throughout our relationship to ensure that these organisations are making the most out of the system whilst we try and understand better how these historic organisations work within their membership, the recipients of their support and society as a whole.

Being a charitable organization is ever more important in our current times and making best use of your resources is a challenge for us all. This is where email marketing can really make a difference.

A few of the areas tips we noticed that work particularly well are often the same as best practice in any business such as.

  • Establish a positive CRM strategy in your communications. You need to be reaching out to people with news and information that will interest them. Of course, many people’s preferred method of communication is email these days so email marketing is perfect.
  • Ad hoc emergency appeals for help and support can work very well. Quite simply emailing your members and supporters is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to raise awareness. By pushing email marketing communications into peoples inboxes it gets your message over to people quickly and effectively enabling whatever call to action message to be received quickly and efficiently
  • Be a figure of authority in your sector, regular updates of information, events and news in your sector, communicated to as many people as possible including industry figures as well as members will position your organization as a leading figure in the industry.
  • Keep a back catalogue of emails sent on your website as this will greatly support any SEO strategy that you may have enabling people to link into historic news features and articles in your site

Many industries are now using email marketing with huge success. You only have to look at online retailers, restaurants, motoring manufacturers. The list is endless due to this method of communications strengths.  Charitable organisations owe it to their supporters to be using the best communications tools technology can give us and if you have any questions or concerns at all about how to integrate better or improve your email communications please call one of the team.

We pride ourselves on being consultative in our approach to email marketing and whole heartedly support the charity sector with our utmost time and attention and operate financial discounts as well.