Campaign Analysis

BrotherMailer email client analysis

Have you ever wondered exactly what your recipients are using to read your emails on?

Knowing the answer to this question will help inform the design and strategy of your campaign. Optimising the design of your emails to render in your most commonly used email clients will make your campaign stand out and hit home.

BrotherMailer analysis

Get the story behind your results with BrotherMailer's clear and detailed reporting. BrotherMailer enables you to identify your best customers and prospects so you can sell them more.

BrotherMailer gives you a powerful analysis tool kit, so you can drill down into your reporting data and profile your best customers, whatever your level of experience.

BrotherMailer response geo-mapping

Response Geo Mapping creates a hot-spot map to show you where your emails have been received and opened, at any geographical location in the world.

This brilliant BrotherMailer tool allows you to see the location of your best customers and prospects at a glance, so you are able to target them with follow-ups.

BrotherMailer reporting

The BrotherMailer Reporting Suite has been designed by marketers, for marketers.

You get clear, detailed reporting and the ability to track your campaigns in real-time, and at contact-level.

BrotherMailer gives you full click path reporting, which enables you to track your recipients’ behaviour, all the way through to your website and conversion page.