Thursday, 06 December 2012 09:55

Obama’s unusual subject lines

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I read a very interesting article towards the end of last week. It was about the Random, Blunt, Enticing and very much unusual subject lines that President Obama used to raise at astonishing $690 million.

What was also very surprising was the frequency of these emails, the team had around 20 professional writers, getting out as many emails as they physically could in a day. Yet the unsubscribe rate was surprisingly not overly high.

Wednesday, 05 December 2012 13:51

Phone companies face charges over spam emails

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Mobile phone companies 3G Ireland, Meteor and Carphone Warehouse have pleaded guilty to data protection charges after sending unsolicited spam emails and texts to their customers.

All three admitted to sending promotional messages to mobile users who hadn't opted-in to receive company updates. Following investigations by the Data Protection Commission, it's thought each will face fines of up to 5,000 Euros (£4,070) per offence.

Taking the time to build a recognisable brand could make other marketing efforts far easier in the future, according to an industry expert.

Julie Cottineau, the founder of BrandTwist, has suggested that decisions regarding everything from price promotions to email marketing content should be informed by a company's brand image.

Thursday, 29 November 2012 16:06

Bump up the size of that list!

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The bigger your list, the more people you can send out to. The more people that you send out to the better. Whether it is creating brand awareness, promoting a service, providing news or selling a product/products the more people that you send to will only have a positive outcomes…if the list is organic. By organic I mean, true, legitimate sign ups that have entered their details into your system because they want to hear from you.

A Gmail feature of which many people are unaware has been highlighted as it could provide a way for users to better illustrate points in messages they have received, reports.

Typically, when a user is replying or forwarding a message, the entire body of text is sent underneath their reply, showing all of what prompted the follow-up message. Much of this, however, may not be needed as the user might just want to reply to one point or line which could otherwise be lost amongst all the other text.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 11:08

Creating email that will stick.

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The latest update that some of the big email clients have introduced is a small preview box where you can view the email before you open it.

Of course this can go either way for you guys, if your recipient likes the look of the email then they are more likely to open it, if they do not particularly like the look of your it then you are in some trouble.

Using all of the metrics supplied by the reporting system after a campaign is absolutely paramount. It give you crucial information about exactly what has happened with your email after it leaves your servers.

The information that it provides can also give you a substantial amount of hep when planning your next one. Using the metrics each time to improve your next campaign.

Every and any company can benefit from Email Marketing, but is it true that it is the retail sector that benefits the most from it?

Every big retailer, every medium sized retailer and the majority of small retailers are all over it. Who are all at least sending 1 email a week.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 12:24

New and Improved Template Library

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Recently, BrotherMailer has launched a brand new Free Refreshed Dynamic Template Library and it is available to all of our clients from Standard account holders to Enterprise account holders.

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