Monday, 21 January 2013 11:38

The last barrier

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So I quite recently blog about spam, how spam come about and the way to get around the barriers that have been put in place to stop these spam messages reaching our inboxes. There is a technological process that happens between you pressing send from your email marketing platform, to the point it reaches your customers inbox.

But one thing that I think is often over looked, is ultimately the most important barrier of them all. The one is the head of your recipient.

Thursday, 10 January 2013 13:49

New year means new challenges for the retailers

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Companies have to be more and more efficient and create better campaigns to gain the public’s attention.
Marketers, who are planning the future financial success of this New Year, want to develop the best strategies for their businesses.
Email marketing can be one of the solutions if used properly.

Following pressure from privacy advocates, Yahoo! has moved to provide its users with an option to encrypt their webmail sessions through a HTTPS option.

Standing for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, HTTPS is a secure communications system that encrypts traffic between webmail users and servers. Its introduction to the Yahoo program should prevent potential attackers from intercepting and subsequently prizing sensitive data encased in user emails.     

An account lacking protection from HTTPS could be open to hijackers, members of the press, governments that control internet infrastructure in their countries, journalists and other individuals.

Thursday, 03 January 2013 10:13

Treat marketing emails like personal presents

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Marketing emails should be treated the same way as personal presents - with each individual receiving something that's well-suited to their own needs or wants, rather than targeted at the masses.

That's according to marketing expert Mike Brown, writing for He explained that almost one-third of adults expect to return gifts they've received at Christmas, whilst another third will store unwanted gifts away - out of sight, out of mind.

Email marketing lecturer Christine Brady has outlined her top ten tips for success in 2013, reports - with subscriber lists proving particularly important.

She urged businesses to continually build subscriber lists, as the subscription lists can typically drop by around a third every year. Then, once new members have been added to a list, they should be segmented to ensure material heading their way is relevant and likely to make them stick around.

Recognized as one of the biggest names in data analysis, Experian have predicted that throughout the festive period a grand total of 375 million hours will be dedicated to shopping. A massive 15 million of those hours will be accumulated by all those using their computers, laptops, tablets and phones to shop online!

If ever there is a time where email marketing can influence their loyal customers more than ever, it’s right now; email marketing has the ability to bring calm and clarity to a somewhat frenzied time of year.

Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:01

Keeping up with the speed of our platform

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It is hard for users to keep up with the platform that we are using. I mean each email marketing company has a ‘request new feature’ system and then a development team that is working full time on providing these new features, and to be fair to BrotherMailer clients, it has more advanced features then any other platform on the market, so it is hard to keep up, especially when maybe only using the system once/twice a week like most SME marketing teams.

An online marketing expert has claimed defining an audience is the first step to successful email marketing.

Blogger Danny Duric says getting the right target audience allows you to create the most engaging content.

Friday, 07 December 2012 11:32

Google rolls out iOS Gmail update

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Google has rolled out a new version of its hugely successful Gmail platform for users of Apple devices, reports.

Following criticism of its initial offering for iOS, Google spent six months creating a new interface for users of devices by close-rival Apple. The result is a wide-reaching overhaul (dubbed Gmail 2.0) which offers a great deal more features and significantly fewer bugs.

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