Email marketing is constantly changing, so marketers plans must evolve with it to make sure they are still hitting those in-boxes and getting those clicks.  There are many issues which can occur to make a campaign fail, such as low open rate, low click rate, poor email design, bad planning etc.

Here are 7 ideas that really should be part of your marketing strategy in 2017.

Segmentation is a great way to maximise your open rates and eventually the profit margin.

The BrotherMailer segmentation tool is very simple to use, but are you getting the most out of it?  A recent survey by eMarketer shows that 40% of marketers who segmented their databases saw improved open rates, and 24% also saw better deliverability.

Despite obvious differences between your customer base, from frequent buyers to first time buyers, they are all looking for the same thing, Value.

The more value your campaigns give to your email list, the more activity you can expect, and more success with your emails.

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How much personalisation is too much?

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Personalisation is key to a good email marketing campaign, but can a brand go to far?  How much information is too much?

Finding the right balance can be difficult, but it can be done.

Understanding your clients;

Data can be easily misinterpreted.  Just because someone has bought a particular product once, does not mean that they are interested in receiving similar products, it may have been a gift.  Campaign creators need to be flexible when interpreting past purchase data.

When we chat with our friends on Facebook or other social networks we often use emoticons to express what we are saying, but when it comes to professional missives, they just don't cut it.

Some experts do say that if you use a happy face there is no problem, but I cannot agree with this, they are completely unprofessional.  Emoticons are used for talking to friends, and although we want to build this kind of loyalty with our clients, and for them to feel that we are on their level, emoticons in email marketing seem presumptious, you are assuming that level of relationaship.

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Cold calling, does it work or not?

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In the 21st century, we receive a lot of cold calls, sometimes more than one in one day, but do they work? For me, no.

I don't know what other people think, but I am sick of them. In one day last week I received more than 6 calls from a mobile phone company.  I said I'm not interested, then just a little later I have his colleague on the phone with the same questions. I will absolutely never switch to this company! But it must work sometimes, right? Because if it never worked, surely they would stop.

With BrotherMailer, every time you send a campaign, you'll have access to a detailed report on your recipients. You can use this information to improve your future campaigns.

Every time you send a campaign, it will be better than the last. Here are my top tips on how you can use this information;

The first part of your email marketing campaign that subscribers will see is your subject line, making it vital.  In most cases, this is when the recipient decides whether or not to open the message. Today, many people use an inbox preview tool, the subject line and the first few lines must capture a reader’s attention immediately, if not, your message will be deleted and forgotten.

A few years back, best length for a subject line was less than 20 characters, however our customers here at BrotherMailer, have found better open rates recently with slightly longer subject lines. Try a subject line of around 25-30 characters for your next campaign, in the world of email marketing trying new things is an important step.

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Who are you telling about your holiday plans?

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This is an issue that has been on my mind recently, with the onset of Christmas and time for holidays, I see too many people leaving themselves wide open to crime on their social media sites.
It often starts with a countdown, '9 days until the holidays', then tagging themselves at the airport; 'coffee before taking a flight', and then it will be a picture of the victim enjoying an eggnog! I say victim, because how many criminals are already alerted to the fact that your house is empty?
Any restaurant or bar can have a use for email marketing campaigns; they can submit new offers, events or special nights. 
Email marketing can be useful for any company, but here lets look at restaurants.  
1. Customisation; when you send an email to your friends or colleagues, is it usually informal, email marketing messages should be a little like those. Use their names and greetings, Hi John makes much more sense than Dear Sir. With an email marketing platfrom this is very easy to acheive, and lets the customer feel a little more important.
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