Thursday, 09 February 2012 15:27

How to re-subscribe your unsubscribers

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As email marketers, we are all actively engaged in actively engaging with our email contacts…

That’s why we have improved BrotherMailer’s contacts functionality. If a contact has been automatically unsubscribed from your list, they can now re-subscribe themselves.

This is done very easily, all they need to do is simply fill in a contact form on your website and as long as the form is generated in the contacts section of BrotherMailer they will be successfully added back into your contact list.

Monday, 31 October 2011 14:44

Why Email Marketing Is The Smart Choice For You

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Business email communication has been growing by leaps and bounds recently. The Internet has made it a lot easier for businesses to reach their core audiences as well as promote products and services to dedicated customers. Although most businesses still tend to stick with advertising, email marketing is a powerful tool to promote your products and services. As email has evolved, marketers have discovered a number of ways to take advantage of its usefulness. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving way to reach out to your audience and get in-depth information about it. Here are a number of benefits that an effective email campaign can bring to your business.

Monday, 31 October 2011 14:29

Email Marketing To Boost Your Business

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There are plenty of ways to promote your selection of products with minimum fuss and maximum style, with TV commercials and press ads being top on the list. But do you know how much it will cost you to have your commercial broadcast during prime time or ad printed in full size on the first pages of popular magazines and newspapers? Most likely, a fortune. Email marketing is a budget-friendly yet effective alternative which has already gained a solid reputation as a powerful advertising tool thanks to the positive feedback of 72 per cent of businesses reporting their ROI to be ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ last year.

Monday, 31 October 2011 14:26

Email Marketing: Make Your Website Work For You

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Submitting a few web pages to the search engine is easy. But what’s next? How can you make your brand new website work for you if you don’t know anything about online marketing must-dos? Is it possible to make your website work around the clock and encourage numerous customers to opt in with stiff competition on the market? A bit of effort goes a long way so make sure you get email marketing right if you want your online campaign to be a success. The article below may help you find out more on the subject without having to look through dozens of web pages. 

Thursday, 06 October 2011 13:35

Why Does Email Marketing Work

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Email marketing has become a big business in the recent years, mainly because your daily life has become heavily dependent on the web. People have got a plethora of reasons to get online these days and checking email is one of them. From a convenient means of communication, email has turned into a powerful advertising tool that delivers great results at minimum expense. If you still have doubts about cost-effectiveness and efficiency of email marketing, below you will find out why it works.
It saves time and money
If you want to make your offer visible to a greater number of people, where do you need to start? Advanced technological solutions allow reaching the target audience within a few seconds. The only step you need to take is to go online and find reliable email marketing specialists. Discover top four reasons why you need to hire an Internet marketing expert.
Reason 1: You need to stay in tune with the technological progress
If you claim that your company produces cutting-edge products and your employees deliver high quality services, make sure your marketing solutions correspond with your offer.

Essentially, a list broker (also known as a data broker) works on your behalf, sourcing data lists for your direct marketing campaigns; so that could be telemarketing, direct mail or maybe email broadcasting.

Buying and sourcing business data or consumer data can be an onerous and time consuming task. Where do I buy data? What data shall I buy? How do I know this data is right for me?  How do I avoid scammers and bad data?

A list broker not only has the answer to all of these questions but they also do all of the hard work for you. 

A good list or data broker will have years of experience sourcing all types of marketing data for an array of different clients and different types of campaign.  They will have built relationships with the credible data suppliers and know the good from the bad and the ugly.

Benefits of using a list broker

So why should you use a list broker?

Simple to set up, user friendly, powerful and efficient…
BrotherMailer charity email marketing is used to build, manage and send charity email campaigns while delivering The best value for money and ROI in email marketing.

Use BrotherMailer charity email marketing to:

 • Get all the latest email marketing tools at a specially reduced charity email marketing rate.
 • Send daily, weekly, monthly and triggered emails or ad hoc emails to your supporters.
 • Produce statistical reports and analysis at the click of a mouse
 • Optimise the efficiency of your financial and people resources with in-depth reporting and analysis tools.
 • See where when and how your campaigns are opened and read - design campaigns specifically for regions, smartphones, PC's or triggered events!
 • Integrate BrotherMailer with your CRM for maximum time saving and money saving impact on your resources

Yesterday I decided to explain to my father the pros and cons of Email marketing.  I am fairly new to the business myself and he was interested in what I was doing.

I started off fairly technical, after using words like mail shot and marketing platform and watching his eyes glaze over I decided to tone it down some. 

I explained mass emailing in the simplest terms I could, there was still a look of utter confusion staring back at me.