Tuesday, 20 March 2012 10:44

What is email marketing? Is it Spam?

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Spam, Email Marketing, same thing?

When I tried explaining to my Grandad what it is I do, he asked isn’t that just Spam?

I explained to him the big difference and he then said does Spam not ruin the effectiveness of Email Marketing?

The answer is NO.

25% of all time spent on the internet is spent on social media websites! Nearly 80% of the UK’s online population uses social networking websites to share and pass on information. This means that near enough everyone is using social networking, from your little Nephew to your Grandma. This creates so much opportunity for us as marketers.

Saturday, 10 March 2012 10:38

Email Marketing and Social Sharing

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Hey, My name is Mitch and I have been working for BrotherMailer for 2 months now. I am an account manager that tries get to involved with help and support as much as I can. I work very closely with all of my clients, making sure that they are getting everything that they can out of email marketing.

In the next couple of months I will be putting together a series of blogs that will help people like you make your campaigns stronger.

My Friend!

Don’t be a stranger. The chance of a recipient opening your email multiplies if the ‘friendly from’ name is meaningful or recognisable.

By having a meaningful, recognisable domain your customers eyes will naturally go to your email.

Email marketers are regulated by the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations), which were amended in 2009.

These changes took effect in May 2011, but due to industry concerns about implementing the changes, the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) granted imposing sanctions a years exemption.

This week BrotherMailer has released a brand new refreshed Free Template Library and it is available to all of our users.

What’s improved?

Firstly, the template library has been completely redesigned with lots of extra usability built in, so it’s easier for you to choose which template will work best for your campaign at one glance. This is because;

BrotherMailer’s reporting and analytics suite have been updated this month with some really cool new features and views.

So here is what has been updated and improved:

A very powerful new channel for email marketing is integrating social media marketing into your email campaign.
But it has come very apparent to me recently that in the marketing world not everyone is as clued up on it as they should be.

This Month we are going to be beta testing Google Analytics reporting in BrotherMailer Enterprise accounts to show you all the benefits of this new feature.

This amazing new reporting feature doesn’t just let you know how many visits your website has had because of your email campaign. It will give you the engagement and ROI of each visit and even tell you the average time that was spent browsing.