With 2020 almost upon us, today we look at why Email Marketing is still one of the most important tools in any businesses arsenal. Some believe that email marketing is dead, but that is rather far from the truth, it is actually one of the most affective ways to reach and interact with a captive audience. Let us explain why your business should be implementing an email marketing plan today.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a companies arsenal. Studies have shown that the most effective email marketing campaigns can boost sales by upwards of 30% in any given period.

You know that email marketing is a successful tool, but is your business sending the best possible campaigns? Personalisation, automation and segmentation are all aspects that you should be focusing on, content is also key. Today we are going to give you 10 tips to ensure your emails are the most effective they can be.

Personalisation is becoming more and more important in today's email marketing campaigns as your customers are beginning to expect messages tailored to their individual needs. Personalised emails build a greater connection with your readers, and will boost future open rates.

Today we will look at six ways to ensure that your email marketing personalisation is achieving the best results.

Your subject line is the first thing that your clients will see, and it will decide whether or not they open your email. It is absolutely vital that your email is titled correctly if you want people to read your campaigns.

Last year, the average person received over 100 emails every day, a mixture of work, personal and of course marketing emails, are inboxes are saturated. The GDPR regulations brought in this year mean that figure is now a lot lower, but most are still receiving over 50 emails a day, somehow, you need to stand out in amongst all of that.

Personalisation is something we all know that we should do be doing in our email marketing, but are you doing it correctly? It needs to come across as natural, but also in a way that will produce conversions.

Adding in names into the subject line and content is easy enough, segmentation on past behaviour is also a fairly simple task, but there is so much more you can do. Most of your competitors are already doing this, so it is a case of keeping up with the Jones', but don't you wish you were doing more?

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Five benefits of email marketing

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Email marketing is not just about generating sales for your company, although of course that is a benefit, it can also contribute so much more to your company. There are various benefits to using an email marketing platform, especially when you use it well.

From increasing brand loyalty to boosting sales, today I am going to go through the main 5 benefits of good email marketing.

Most marketers believe that email is the preferred channel of consumers for brands to stay in touch with them, but that doesn't mean it isn't without fault. A recent study carried out by Adobe has found just what irks consumers when it comes to email marketing.

Of those surveyed, 39% said they wanted less promotional sales emails, and more information based emails. Even if those information emails also included sales too. Consistently sending emails which offer nothing to the client other than what they have to pay for, is a sure fire way to increase your unsubscribes. Try a different tack, and create emails offering advice around your industry.

Email marketing is essentially the simplest tool in a marketers arsenal, compared to the complexity of CPC, elaborate TV ads or social media campaigns. However, it is also one of the most effective, allowing high CTRs and ROI, it is also cheap and easy to implement.

Despite the simplicity of the format, there are still various myths circulating, which minimise the importance of email marketing. Many of these false notions are propagated by marketers who have not kept up with the times. Today we are going to look at the most prolific of these myths, and discount them.

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Ten benefits of email marketing explained

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Email marketing is one of the most effective tools out there to increase sales and build brand loyalty. Today we are going to show you 10 benefits of using this platform, you should consider them all when planning your marketing budget.

1. Email marketing is cost effective.
The first thing we want to know as marketers, is whether something is economical. In actual fact, there is no other channel which offers such a high return on investment. Recent studies show the average ROI for email marketing to be 4308% per pound invested!

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