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There are a number of key tests that marketers can take that will have a positive impact on an emailing marketing campaign, according to marketing expert Carolyn Nye.

Writing for, Nye suggests that marketers need to be testing their subject line as a good line will prompt consumers 'to start the conversion process'. As a result, when marketers looking at their subject lines, don't look at their open rates - look at the end conversion rates.

Just because a customer decides to opt-out of receiving email updates from a company, doesn't mean they can't still contribute towards the campaign's success.

This is according to email marketing expert Lisa Wiese, who believes parting shots delivered by freshly 'opted-out' users can help brands pinpoint where they're going wrong.

The key is to always give users the chance to leave a few comments or tick a couple of boxes after hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button. Feedback can be used to fine-tune a campaign and ensure the brand doesn't make the same mistake again, writes Ms Wiese at  

Monday, 18 February 2013 10:49

Keep customer loyalty with dynamic content

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers, letting them know about your latest news and offers.  However, we must take into consideration the amount of emails that the average person receives in one day, and the importance of making our messages stand out.

The subject line is the reader’s first point of call; a bad subject line will have your campaign in the trash folder in the blink of an eye.  Personalise the email, but don’t go overboard, ensure it includes the basic point of the message and a call to action.  Consider using split line testing to make sure your title performs well.

Social media marketing may be getting more popular but email still has advantages over it, according to an industry expert.

Dawn Altnam, a self-employed blogger who covers a range of tech and marketing issues, has claimed that email still remains the top communication method in the business world.

 In her latest blog for, she listed a number of reasons why an email marketing message is more likely to be read than promotional social media content.

An industry insider said that marketers need to constantly make sure they are creating content.

Mike Lieberman, co-founder and president of company Square 2 Marketing, said that regular content ensures businesses are kept in the minds of consumers and also helps to generate more leads.

Mr Lieberman also refers to statistics from which claim that companies who post content three times a week upwards will have a significant increase in customer conversions.

Customer loyalty is fading in the tourism industry, according to a new study.

A survey conducted by Deloitte has indicated that both airlines and hotels are struggling to attract repeat custom from tourists who have previously used their services.

It suggested that only eight per cent of tourists always stay at the same hotel chain when they are away. Meanwhile, only 14 per cent use the same airline wherever they travel. According to, these figures were down compared to previous studies.

Email content will be judged more on quality than volume in 2013, one analyst has claimed.

Tech journalist Thomas Stone echoed claims made by by saying that the age of quantity over quality is firmly over in the email marketing world. Instead, businesses would soon be putting together campaigns aimed at creating the right quality content to fit in with a larger marketing plan.

To expand the email marketing list, you have to break the rules, according to The content of the email itself could be perfect but if the distribution list is non-existent, the effort of creating it will be wasted.

According to, rules are meant to be broken and best practice is only what works best for a particular audience.

DJ Waldow, an email marketing consultant says using traditional pop-ups to collect email addresses isn't as effective as it used to be because they can easily be blocked on most computers. Popovers, however, are proving to be more successful because they are seen as less intrusive and can be customised.

The email management app that enables iPhone users to experience an inbox count of zero every day has started to take its first orders.

Testers of Orchestra's Mailbox have already hailed the program for its unique archiving system, although users will have to wait in line to get their hands on what's being touted at the future of message organisation.

According to a review from, the app allows users to have messages like social network notifications and email marketing newsletters resent to their inbox at a time that suits them. This is enabled through a function called "snooze" that orders the system to 'remind me later' at a busy period.

Some of the most clichéd words in the email marketing industry have been outlined by one blogger.

Kate Webster told that consumers are now making increasingly quick decisions on whether they will read an email or mark it as junk. In light of this, businesses should avoid using clichéd words or phrases in their subject lines as these could end up scotching an otherwise good campaign.

The worst offenders, as outlined by Webster, were 'leader/top', 'unique/innovative', 'professional', 'largest selection', 'best price', 'huge savings', 'simple/easy', 'service', 'free gift' and 'solution'.

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