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Segmentation is a great way to maximise your open rates and eventually the profit margin.

The BrotherMailer segmentation tool is very simple to use, but are you getting the most out of it?  A recent survey by eMarketer shows that 40% of marketers who segmented their databases saw improved open rates, and 24% also saw better deliverability.

Despite obvious differences between your customer base, from frequent buyers to first time buyers, they are all looking for the same thing, Value.

The more value your campaigns give to your email list, the more activity you can expect, and more success with your emails.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 15:09

The right subject line

Regarding email marketing, some details are crucial for the success of a campaign. One of the elements that will make people open your emails is the subject line.


To increase to open rate, techniques could be used to attract the reader’s attention, such as including their interests in the email.

Thursday, 10 January 2013 13:49

New year means new challenges for the retailers

Companies have to be more and more efficient and create better campaigns to gain the public’s attention.
Marketers, who are planning the future financial success of this New Year, want to develop the best strategies for their businesses.
Email marketing can be one of the solutions if used properly.

Firms must track where their income is being generated from if they want to record meaningful return on investment (ROI) figures.

This is the view of Mark Bouris, executive chairman of wealth management company Yellow Brick Road, who accepted on The Sydney Morning Herald's My Small Business column that ROI can be difficult to measure.

Monday, 05 December 2011 13:47

Images can be troublesome for email marketers

It is important that companies do not use too many images in their email marketing campaigns, as they can cause problems.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Corey Babka explained that the key should be to reel people in with selected pictures, rather than bombard them with graphics.

Babka also underlined the importance of not including text as images, since these will often not be downloaded automatically by email service providers - which can leave a message looking unprofessional and full of empty boxes.

"Let's face it, pictures are usually worth more than the words on the page. That's who we are, we love pictures. However, the tendency is to have way too many images that then become 'marketing noise'," added the digital marketing expert.

As well as limiting the number of images in emails, people may want to cut spam-related words such as 'free' and 'money' from messages, since Babka said they can be a one-way route to the recipient's junkmail inbox.

Laura Atkins, co-founder of anti-spam firm Word to the Wise, added on Practical Ecommerce that consumer input can be very important when it comes to determining which messages are spam and which are relevant emails.

She explained that when a person presses the 'this is spam' button that most service providers feature, their feedback is included in a wider algorithm that decides which email addresses are sending unwelcome messages.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 15:03

Christmas ideal time for B2B marketing, expert claims

Christmas should be a time to email clients for B2B firms, not just B2C, experts have claimed.

The approach of Christmas typically prompts many B2C businesses to look into email marketing campaigns in order top maximise on the rise in consumer spending. This rise in activity, however, need not be exclusive to B2C customers, with experts urging B2B forms to look at email marketing over the festive period to put their business at the forefront of their recipients' minds.

With December typically seeing the number of meetings and business trips decline, email can provide a great way of contacting a consumer base even when face-to-face meetings are few and far between. All the information given can then be used at the beginning of the new year, whilst the email campaigns are still fresh in the recipients' minds.

Marketing Sherpa notes that the time from original lead generation to sale can be a number of months, meaning that for sales conversions in the new year, marketing pushes need to take place before Christmas. With most sales coming three months after the original lead (16 per cent), businesses which don't market over Christmas may find the conversions don't happen until well into the new year.

Speaking to business2community.com, marketing blogger Teena Gomes explained: "This will be a great opportunity to tell them about your product/service and give yourself a chance of being part of their vendor evaluation list for the coming year.

"Timing is crucial when it comes to B2B marketing. Think creatively how you can utilise the last few days of the year to put your best foot forward, to increase engagement with your prospects and plan ahead for the New Year."

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 14:59

Multicultural email marketing a useful tool

Email marketing practitioners could gain success by employing multicultural tactics to their marketing efforts, suggests a new survey.

A digital marketing poll compiled jointly by Yahoo! and Mindshare has indicated that the majority of ethnic minorities want certain products to be marketed specifically to their race.

The survey questioned African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics about how significant they felt their ethnicity was to their buying habits and which type of industries they believed should be targeting certain races in their digital marketing efforts.

The results varied dramatically according to each race. Health and beauty products were the product which African-American respondents most wanted specifically marketed to them, whilst Hispanics felt ethnicity mattered most when marketing consumer packaged goods, entertainment or clothing products.

Asians agreed that marketers should bear the ethnicity of their target audience in mind when advertising entertainment products.

In a evaluative statement cited by mediapost.com, the researchers pointed out the importance of digital marketers gaining a "true understanding" of the ethnic groups they wanted to target.

It said: "Understand what defines them, be in the content they visit, think about the categories that matter to them ethnically. Feature diversity in your ads, target specific ethnicities in the categories that matter to them."

Ana.net reports that the survey "presented essential statistics for understanding the changing face of America and establishing best practices in multicultural marketing."

Email marketing practitioners shouldn't be tempted to send too many emails over the Christmas period, an industry expert has claimed.

Marketing journalist Kristina Knight explained that many consumers often receive a huge amount of emails over the festive period as it is, so it is important to only send extremely relevant content in order to maintain their attention.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 10:08

Email marketing is a must for new entrepreneurs

Email marketing is a must for both experienced entrepreneurs and those new to running a business, it has been claimed.

Rachel Hyun Kim, who has only recently began targeting customers for her business using the channel, has encouraged others to use email marketing both to inform consumers of new events and to encourage repeat business.

Addressing new business owners who may be daunted by the channel in an article for resourcenation.com, she said: "Although email marketing campaigns have been utilised my many larger corporations for some time, many small businesses are still shying away from the idea.

"As a new entrepreneur I will admit, the whole concept seems a bit overwhelming. However, once you really understand how it works and how to run this type of campaign, you will find that it is both simple and worthwhile."

Kim advised those new to email marketing to ensure that they use quality content, test emails, social media and quality email marketing software in order to kick-start their campaign appropriately.

Brian McConnell, who is commercial director of an independent email marketing company, is another practitioner who has been offering advice to beginners recently.

In an article for benzinga.com, he highlighted the importance of utilising behavioural email to appropriately target customers.

"Only a small proportion of online marketers run the most basic behavioural email programs. These programs can have a huge impact on marketers' ROI," he said.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 16:49

Black Friday results promising for e-marketers

Early results from this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday suggest that online marketers will score success in the run up to Christmas.

The two days - deemed so important in the online shopping calendar that they have their own names - were incredibly successful with customers, according to data from IBM and Comscore.

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