Thursday, 14 April 2011 15:44

Email marketing - subscriber segmentation is super easy!

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Email campaign personalisation would be impossible without applying segmentation, however, many people are still of the opinion that this is a lengthy and difficult task.

Whether you are a veteran BrotherMailer user or a new recruit, we wanted to introduce one of our favourite BrotherMailer features, the one that makes segmentation child's play:

Welcome to the geomap segmentation tool. This sophisticated BrotherMailer feature allows you to segment your subscriber list by location, this can be either the listed postcode data or the IP address of where your recipient opened your email. There is no faff involved, simply use the map's interface in the following way:

1 .The geomap segmentation tool becomes active on enterprise accounts when your campaign is selected in the campaign reporting area. Click on the small globe icon to get to the “Geomap” screen:

2.Now hold ‘shift’ to draw a box around your target area on the map. Release shift to select your recipients for your next geo-targeted campaign. Simple!

Segmenting by location allows you to get your message out to people in specific towns or cities, in areas experiencing good/bad weather, places where festivals are going on and any other area which can be identified by geography. 

So, even if you didn't manage to get postcode data from your subscribers at sign-up, you can still send them relevant targeted messages…or invite them in for a cup of tea when they are in the area.


Author: Yasmin Sheikh