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Five reasons why your company should be using email marketing in 2020

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With 2020 almost upon us, today we look at why Email Marketing is still one of the most important tools in any businesses arsenal. Some believe that email marketing is dead, but that is rather far from the truth, it is actually one of the most affective ways to reach and interact with a captive audience. Let us explain why your business should be implementing an email marketing plan today.

Cost versus effort
Email marketing is incredibly cost effective. May companies are facing the credit crunch, and this has a huge impact on marketing budgets. Whilst print or tv ads can be very expensive, email campaigns are relatively low cost, whilst the benefits can be greater. When looking at the difference between traditional media and online advertising, we can direct the right traffic to our internet campaigns, whereas with print and tv media you have no idea who is viewing your material. We can also analyse results with ease, by seeing who reacted to your campaigns and in what way.

Reach the mobile marketplace
These days few people are without a Smartphone, and email marketing gives you to the ability to put your company message right into your consumer's hand. Just think about how many times a day you check your inbox on your mobile phone, versus how often you check your desktop email, every mobile device in a potential clients hand is an opportunity to reach them. You must ensure that your campaigns are mobile responsive, and that they will adapt to render correctly in all devices. Content should also be snappy, long, droning text will simply be ignored by the mobile reader.

Automation is key
We talk about email marketing automatization frequently, and that is because it is vitally important. Triggered sends to your consumers based on both behaviour and/or data mean that your readers will receive content that they want or need right when they need it. Imagine a company that sells ink cartridges, and automated programme can remind customers at their usual interval for purchasing that they should check their ink levels. This kind of useful email will guarantee repeat visits from your customers.

Personalisation means better metrics
Whilst traditional marketing formats cannot be personalised, email marketing makes it very easy to do. This goes beyond just using your reader's first name in the header, this has become normal now and is almost expected by the modern email receiver. Dynamic content can be used to display emails in a different way in each inbox, each person receiving emails centred on both their passed behaviours but also data held on them, such as location and age. It is pointless to send an email about your new teen nail polish range to a group of 75 year old mean, but it is very worthwhile to send it to all teenage girls, and their parents! Email marketing also makes segmentation a simple task, you can split down your reader base into different groups, based again on either behaviour or data.

Metrics and performance are detailed and useful
Email marketing platforms allow you to see who opened your email, where, when and what they did next. You can easily see which links were more popular, which areas of your email were hot zones, see your hot prospects and much more. Split testing is a great tool, you can give your campaigns more than one title, and test them out to see which ones perform best. Test, test and test again is a vital mantra when creating an effective email marketing campaign, and previous results of your campaigns can go along way to improve future missives.

January 2020 is a great time to get your email marketing plan started, here at BrotherMailer our dedicated account managers are always on hand to help you with any support, queries or advice you may need. With years of experience in the field, and growing with the market, we are well placed to ensure that your marketing campaigns are as successful as possible. Why not give us a call today to set up a free trial of our leading email marketing platform.