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Ten ways to make sure your email marketing is as effective as it can be

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Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a companies arsenal. Studies have shown that the most effective email marketing campaigns can boost sales by upwards of 30% in any given period.

You know that email marketing is a successful tool, but is your business sending the best possible campaigns? Personalisation, automation and segmentation are all aspects that you should be focusing on, content is also key. Today we are going to give you 10 tips to ensure your emails are the most effective they can be.

1. Consistent senders
You should always keep the sender field the same, your customers will recognise the name, and as this is the first thing that readers look at when deciding whether to open the email, you need that recognition to be consistent.

2. Focus on your subject line
The email title is very much one of the most important parts of any email marketing campaign. It will make the difference between high open rates, and emails languishing unread and forgotten. Keep them short, but enticing, spend time to make sure it is right. Split test subject lines over time to ensure you are hitting your databases sweet spot.
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3. Watch your audience
Whether you have 10 or 10 thousand readers, make sure that your campaigns are directed to them personally. Create the ideal customer, and speak to them directly.

4. Personalisation is key
BrotherMailer will allow you to customise your emails using any data that you hold on your customers, from first name to location, from last purchase to known favourites. Be careful not to overdo it though, the email needs to come across as natural, much like a communication between friends.

5. Add value
The most successful email marketing campaigns include useful information, advice or tips. If your campaigns always include sections which are useful to your reader base, you will increase future open rates.

6. Keep it short
Most people receive a large amount of emails every day, chances are they are not going to read all of them. If they open the email and see a huge amount of text, chances are they will close it again, keeping it short and sweet means customers will come back time and time again.

7. CTAs are vital
The call to action is one of the most important parts of your campaign, what do you want your customer to do next? Whether it is visit your website, call you or something else, make that obvious, and easy to do. Keep the main CTA above the fold and make it stand out, your readers don't have time to search for it.

8. Segmentation is important
BrotherMailer allows you to segment your database using a variety of data, such as location, behaviour and much more. Splitting your readers into specific target groups means that they will receive information which is more appropriate for them and their needs, which will boost your email performance.

9. Don't forget mobile readers
Chances are a high percentage of your clients will open the email on a mobile device, you must make sure that your emails are mobile friendly and that they will render correctly on most, if not all, devices. BrotherMailer inbox checker will show you how your email looks on all of the most popular devices.

10. Testing is vital
You should test your campaign, then test it again, then test it some more. Ensure all links are correct, ensure it renders well in all devices, from mobile to desktop. Double check all spelling and images, send to your colleagues and get them to check too. Mistakes in email campaigns can be very detrimental, and you want to avoid them at all costs.

Email marketing does not need to be scary, here at BrotherMailer your dedicated account manager is always on hand to make sure that you are getting the most out of your email marketing. Contact us today to arrange a free trial.