Wednesday, 06 November 2019 14:24

Six ways to make sure you getting the most out of email personalisation

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Personalisation is becoming more and more important in today's email marketing campaigns as your customers are beginning to expect messages tailored to their individual needs. Personalised emails build a greater connection with your readers, and will boost future open rates.

Today we will look at six ways to ensure that your email marketing personalisation is achieving the best results.

1. Gathering information.
In order to personalise your emails, you will need as much information as possible on your clients. Not only do you want to focus on their past behaviour, such as which emails they opened, but also their demographic information, who are they, where are they and more. A survey with a reward to those who complete it is a great way to gain more knowledge.

2. Segmentation
You can use data that you now have on your clients to segment them into relevant lists. For example, you can split out readers based on passed purchases, and use that information to send them relevant emails based on their own interests. Demographics such as location, age and more can also be used to tailor emails to your customer base.

3. Create good content
The best performing emails contain information and advice rather than being purely sales focussed. At the same time, be careful of quantity, just because a person is interested in various aspects of your business doesn't mean that they want to receive an email from each department in a week. Stagger emails and gauge response to make sure you are not going overboard.

4. Avoid becoming a stalker!
Try not to look like you are invading people's personal space, emails sent immediately after a customer has viewed an item on your website is over the top and will have people reaching for the unsubscribe or even spam button. Let the dust settle and the product or page to fall into their memory before you remind them of it.

5. Don't under use personalisation
Too many email marketers just use the readers first name and think that will be enough. This is a great start, but very much the tip of the iceberg. Most readers are now used to this tactic, so we must employ more personalisation within our campaigns. Think about including their location, previous behaviour and much more.

6. Reward engaged customers
Automation is a great way to ensure that you are staying in contact with your most engaged customers. Set up programmes to send delayed emails to people who have clicked on specific links but not completed the action, such as booking events or purchasing sales items. These tactics can also be used for non-active customers. A programme can send one last email to lapsed readers, perhaps with a reward for re-engaging, and then remove those who don't respond. There is no point in sending emails to those who are simply not interested.

When personalising your email marketing campaigns, make sure to take all of the above points in consideration. Here at BrotherMailer, your dedicated account manager is always on hand to discuss your options and to help improve your marketing plans.